Mikey Grabowski

In the 8 weeks training with Club Vitality I have reduced my body fat from 11 percent body fat to 3.85 percent. It has always been a dream of mine and never though it would of been possible. With the correct nutrition program and training program I have achieved this and also lost 7kgs in body fat starting at 71kgs and finishing at 65kgs. A year has passed and I have managed to still stay lean and maintain this as part of my current lifestyle from learning the nutrition and making it a habit.

*Overall results may vary from person to person

Mikey Grabowski -

Scott Rosington

Having been overweight for a long time and being a bit older I thought I would never lose the weight especially around the belly as I was told your metabolism slows so much and it would be difficult to remove. Having starting a 12 week program with Club Vitality and a customised nutrition plan and resistance training program I was able to lose 10 kgs in 12 weeks as well as putting on 3kgs of muscle.

My clothes now fit better and people are commenting that it's the healthiest I have looked in years. I couldn't of done it without Club Vitality.

*Overall results may vary from person to person

Scott Rosington -


Last summer I made the spur of the moment decision to travel to overseas and realised that I had only given myself 4 weeks to get in shape for the beach! I trained with Keifer from Club Vitality twice a week; we worked on my training, cleaned up my diet and in record time I was able to tone up my muscles and lose 5kg! After returning I have kept up my training at the club - doing one PT session a week and all of the boxing classes - and the results have kept on coming.

*Overall results may vary from person to person



I recently trained with Club Vitality to compete in my first bodybuilding show - the ICN Queensland Championships 2018. Working with the Sam from Club Vitality on training, nutrition & lifestyle for just 7 weeks I lost 7% body fat, gained 2kg of lean muscle and ended up in better shape than I ever thought possible, resulting in a high podium placing during my first ever competition.I fully believe that without the knowledge of the trainers, great equipment & supportive environment of Club Vitality my transformation wouldn't have been possible.

*Overall results may vary from person to person


Sam Shepherd

I not only lost 6kgs of fat during the Club Vitality 6 week challenge but increased my strength by 20 percent and my energy levels went through the roof. My skin looked clearer and healthier and and my mental focus elevated. Through a tailored nutrition plan, fasted cardio and a customised training program my transformation only took 6 weeks. Not only does Club Vitality guarantee results it will give you a full 100 percent refund on the challenge of your not satisfied with your results.

*Overall results may vary from person to person

Sam Shepherd -

Coral Reed

As a taller girl whose weight has yo-yo’d like crazy over the last couple of years, I was nervous about joining Club Vitality. I was selfish conscious about, well everything!

From day one the crew at Club Vitality have made me feel comfortable and welcome. They patiently answered all of my questions and showed me how to use equipment I wasn’t used to. The crew gave me guidance on how to modify workouts to accommodate sports injuries and wrote a targeted program for me to use. I was hesitant to use the free weights as it seemed the male dominated zone of every gym I had every been in beforehand. But not at Club V! There is no gender divide between the weights and cardio areas that is typical in the generic gyms.

In addition to the “get your sweat on in your happy place vibes”, Club Vitality has fostered a warm and supportive community of awesome humans. I have met some truly wonderful people as a result and been able to learn so much more. As cheesy as it sounds Club V has enriched my life an unforeseen amount.

Since joining Club Vitality in November, 2019, I have lost 21.9kg and increased my muscle mass by 11%. My next goal is to gain another 13% muscle mass and lose 8.6kg which I am confident I will achieve with the support of the team at Club Vitality!

*Overall results may vary from person to person

Coral Reed -