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Club Vitality is more than just loud music, sweating and people posing everywhere. From weightlifting to general fitness, Club Vitality is equipped with more than enough equipment to help you achieve you goals − no matter what they happen to be!

We boast a state−of−the−art weights floor, functional training space and group fitness centre, which includes:

  • Full weights room, including 3 squat racks, dumbbells to 50kg, Hammer Strength® & Life Fitness® pin and plate loaded weight machines;
  • Equipped cardio section, with Life Fitness® cardio equipment, including treadmills, cross trainers, stair master, rowers, as well as spin and recumbent bikes;
  • Functional Training zone, including deadlift platforms, kettlebells, TRX Cables, plenty of free space, and a 30−meter sled

Weights training is not only beneficial to the muscular system; when done correctly, it can increase bone density, improve sleep quality, supercharge your metabolism, and help increase confidence! If you’re excited to experience these (and more) benefits at Club Vitality, follow the link below to claim your free gym class pass!

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Still not convinced? Or maybe feel like classes are more for you? Well, all classes at Club Vitality are 100% free, and include:

  • Boxing Classes: an all−ages class that will increase muscle tone, improve strength and enhanced cardiovascular fitness.
  • HIIT (Interval Training) Sessions: a short class that will lead to a fast reduction in body fat, an increase in general fitness and some muscle gain;
  • Yoga: an ancient art that will increase the strength and flexibility of muscles & joints, improve flexibility, and reduce symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety.

Our classes are led by our passionate trainers, who will help motivate, encourage and give you the little pushes you might need along the way!

If you’re excited to start your health an fitness journey with group training, follow the link below and claim your ONE DAY free visit/pass completely free: